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Personal Stories

Real life stories from HIA clients showing how FILT funding has helped them stay happy and healthy in their own homes.

Ms Marson, SSE, WE Care & Repair

I am writing to give my heartfelt thanks to everyone who helped me when my boiler broke down.

Just before Christmas my boiler stopped working. It was just on the first cold snap that we have had here in Bristol this winter. It’s over fifteen years old and I was in a complete panic over what to do. Having no savings and struggling financially as well as being unemployable I did not qualify for a new boiler or even a low repayment per month credit agreement with anyone.

I have been on Employment Support Allowance now for a long while, I have acute chronic spinal compression and chronic meningitis (non-infectious) and I cannot remember a pain free day.  Being warm and having hot water is imperative for me.

Having spoken to the city council they gave me the number for WE Care & Repair in Bristol. I spoke to them and immediately they began to help me. Firstly it was to see if the boiler could be repaired. The caseworker, Louise spoke to one of their appointed heating specialists. Within hours they had rung me asking if I was home. I was, and they said an engineer would be here in 10 minutes! The fault was identified by a polite and tidy engineer. After approval they were back to me a couple of days later and fitted the part. Its working fine right now and I do stroke my boiler each time I’m by it!!

I was blown away by the instant help I was given and the speed that a repair was carried out. I found it amazing. I cannot thank you all enough for the relief I felt knowing that there are companies that work to help people like me who had nowhere else to turn. The weight off my shoulders was massive. Although I was a strong individual, I am not now. I am vulnerable and feel helpless that I can’t help myself anymore. My home is my last statement of independence so mending my boiler so fast was heart-warming.

I was also so impressed by one of your volunteers who came to visit me. Isobel was truly a lovely person, so inspirational, giving her own time to help others.  She fully understood how I was feeling and my hour or so with her was really comforting.

Again my thanks to all from the bottom of my heart and I wish everyone a really wonderful New Year.

With sincerest regards,

Nina Marson

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