FILT Personal Stories

Personal Stories

Real life stories from HIA clients showing how FILT funding has helped them stay happy and healthy in their own homes.

Mrs P, Warm at Home and Health Through Warmth, Spire Homes C&R

Mrs P is a 71 year old divorcee living alone.  Following her divorce she found it difficult to maintain her property and so relocated to a park home to release some capital.  She suffers with Arthritis, Anxiety and Depression.

Mrs P has found living in a Park Home difficult and struggled to adjust.  Following the purchase of the property she discovered many ongoing problems and maintenance issues which needed resolving and much of the released equity has been spent rectifying these defects. Mrs P was living on a low income and increasing land charges had left her with little spare income or savings.

When Mrs P’s boiler broke she was unable to afford the costs of a new one.  She contacted her Local Authority who no longer provided any Home Repair or Assistance Grants; she also contacted the energy supplier schemes and The Energy Savings Trust who all advised that Park Homes were not eligible for any of the Grants or Green Deal schemes provided.  Mrs P contacted the Housing Options Advisor at Spire Homes Care and Repair following a recommendation from a friend as a last hope.  She was very despondent and depressed by this point. During initial discussions Mrs P explained how anxious and depressed she had become and she felt alone in dealing with this.  Her Arthritis was affected by the cold and relieved by a warm bath/shower – without a working boiler this would be exacerbated. She was becoming increasingly worried about reaching the winter months without a boiler and felt trapped in her situation.

Mrs P was unsure what questions to ask when looking for quotes and the whole situation was becoming too great to handle.

A caseworker supported Mrs P to obtain quotes from reputable contractors and then applied on her behalf to three charities to obtain full funding for a new boiler to be installed.  FILT funded £500 from the SSE Warm at Home scheme and £400 from the npower Health Through Warmth scheme.

Mrs P now has a new boiler installed and feels much happier and secure in her property.

‘A fantastic service, I can’t thank you enough.  I’ll definitely be telling all my friends about you. It’s so nice to know this has all been sorted out as I was so worried.’ – Mrs P

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