FILT Personal Stories

Personal Stories

Real life stories from HIA clients showing how FILT funding has helped them stay happy and healthy in their own homes.

Mrs Mapstone – Gas Safe Charity

Miss Mapstone is 84 year old and lives alone. She was recently visted by Care & Repair to install hand and stair rails after she had suffered a broken wrist after a fall.

During the home visit the Caseworker picked up Miss Mapstone’s nervousness about using her heating.  They discovered that the central heating boiler had not been serviced since it was installed over four years ago and the gas fire, which was over 20 years old, had never been serviced.

With the help of a Gas Safety grant of £110, Care & Repair arranged for the gas boiler and gas fire to be serviced. Unfortunately the gas fire was unsafe and had to be removed.

Miss Mapstone is now happy to use her heating and said: “I feel so much safer knowing my boiler has been serviced and is running how it should.  I was a bit concerned about the fire, and although it was condemned and taken away, I’m still pleased as I would have been using it (the fire) in the winter.

“Now the colder weather is here I’ve started to turn my central heating on without any worries and I know I’ll be warm and safe this winter.”

A small grant – about double the average weekly food shop – has delivered huge benefits.

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