FILT Personal Stories

Personal Stories

Real life stories from HIA clients showing how FILT funding has helped them stay happy and healthy in their own homes.

Mrs L, npower Health Through Warmth Crisis Fund, Selby HIA

The client’s daughter contacted Foundations to enquire if there was any help available for her elderly  mother who had an old oil-fueled boiler, which was starting to work intermittently.  Mrs L is 73 years old and suffers from auto immune hepatitis (liver disease) so needs to keep warm to stay healthy.  She owns her own property, is on a low income and has very little savings.

Foundations referred the case to Selby Home Improvement Agency to help Mrs L apply for funds for a new boiler. The NAS Officer at Selby Home Improvement Agency, Susan Penistone, visited Mrs L to complete the paperwork and then applied for funding from the npower Health Through Warmth Crisis Fund. Once all of Mrs L’s financial information was collated, Susan was also able to apply for funding from other sources. The difficultly faced in obtaining extra funding was that nearly all funding helped people who had a gas boiler or needed help changing from oil to gas. Unfortunately, the village where Mrs L resides is not connected to mains gas. However, funding was sought successfully through Warm and Well North Yorkshire to the sum of £700.

During the funding process, Mrs L’s boiler stopped working completely so she had no heating or hot water apart from an electric fire in her lounge. Her family were very worried about her as she was boiling water in the kettle and carrying it around to get a wash. As she is unsteady on her feet they worried she may trip and scald herself or worse. Therefore, extra funding was requested due to Mrs L’s situation which was somewhat of an emergency. npower Health Through Warmth approved funding of £2,000 due to Mrs L’s exceptional circumstances. The rest of the cost was made up of £700 Warm and Well North Yorkshire Funding and £420 contribution from Mrs L’s family.

Mrs L has recently had her new oil-fueled boiler installed so now has a reliable source of heating and hot water. Mrs L feels like a “great weight has been lifted from her shoulders”. She had been worried about funding a new boiler, as she did not have the income or savings to pay for one, and the ability to keep warm in the coming winter. The new boiler has also improved Mrs L’s health as she is now able to keep warm and she no longer has to worry about this.

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