FILT Personal Stories

Personal Stories

Real life stories from HIA clients showing how FILT funding has helped them stay happy and healthy in their own homes.

Mr Crosby, Electrical Safety First, Carlisle

Homelife Carlisle received a telephone call from Mr Crosby as his boiler was broken and he had no hot water.  Homelife arranged an appointment to do a home visit. When they visited Mr Crosby he was not very well at all.

Mr Crosby lives downstairs in his property.  He has had severe COPD for over 10 years,  he also suffers from Osteoarthritis in his hip which can be very crippling at times and finds it very hard to walk.

Mr Crosby only has an immersion heater which was broken.  Homelife received a quotation highlighting that the time clock was faulty and required replacement.

Only a short time after the immersion heater was repaired Mr Crosby’s son called to say that there was no hot water again.  We called out the contractor again and they informed that the immersion heater dated back to 1939, the element was heating but the auto thermostat had gone.  The most effective path was to replace the immersion heater so a quote was obtained.

Homelife used Electrical Safety First funding to fit a new immersion heater, Mr Crosby was over the moon to get constant hot water.

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