FILT Personal Stories

Personal Stories

Real life stories from HIA clients showing how FILT funding has helped them stay happy and healthy in their own homes.

Miss T, npower Health Through Warmth funding, Metropolitan Care & Repair

Miss T, 44, lives alone with two cats in an ex-council house. Her health has been a constant issue and limiting factor following a serious road traffic accident in 1993. She lives alone and, owing to relapses with her health, has found it virtually impossible to maintain regular employment.

Miss T first received help from us for a minor boiler repair under the FILT Warm Homes Service. She subsequently contacted us having received a very serious electrical shock. The electrical installation in her home was dangerous and not earthed adequately and a RCD protected consumer unit was required.

While we were raising the necessary funding for this essential work, a further problem arose: her central heating boiler broke down again and was declared beyond economical repair by one of our vetted heating engineers. This happened just before the Christmas holiday period and it started to look as though Miss T might be left without heating or hot water over the coldest time of the year, with no obvious prospect of a funding remedy.

We approached FILT, having secured only £400 towards the full cost of a replacement gas boiler. After consideration of all the circumstances and the likely impact on this vulnerable client, FILT was able to make an exceptional award to enable the work to go ahead – a total award of £1,280.

The work is now complete and Miss T is thrilled not only to have a boiler that works but that is super-efficient too. She is benefitting financially and staying warm.

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